Setting Up and Understanding Naytev's Intelligent Scheduler

While on the Social Handles Page set up your scheduler by enabling it for each social handle.

When you start the scheduler configuration process, it’ll ask you to confirm the social handle that you’re turning the scheduler on for, confirm the default timezone, and ask to establish some basic publishing rules.

The default rule set we have will allow content to be posted at any time on Monday to Friday. Feel free to customize your posting times by manipulating the day and time range that you want your page to be active.

Use advanced options like setting a minimum amount of posts, a maximum amount of posts and a buffer time between each of your intelligently scheduled pieces of content. You can even use negative rules like “Do Not Post” to further customize your posting schedule.

If you don’t want to enforce a minimum or maximum number of posts you can leave those fields blank and put in a buffer for how you want your articles to be cadenced.

Once you’re done, click save, and continue. On this final screen it’ll ask you to confirm enabling the scheduler and you’re done!

You can always go back and fine tune your scheduler rules in your organization or your team settings.