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The secret weapon for Facebook and Instagram optimization powering:

Super Powers for Social Media Management

Creative A/B Testing

Create sophisticated tests in minutes instead of hours. Identify the best creative for your paid and organic strategies.

Social Publishing

Easily collaborate across multiple teams, time zones, and social handles. The world's top content teams use Naytev.

Paid Amplification

Unlock meaningful savings when promoting content on Facebook and Instagram. Optimize for conversions that matter to your bottom line.

The Content-First Platform

Manage paid and organic social in one platform at scale

Naytev is the top enterprise social media management platform for driving more of the conversions that matter.

We call our unique approach to social optimization "Content-First". It simply means that individual pieces of content are the center of everything at Naytev. You can take action on any piece of content in a variety of ways: find the ideal packaging through testing, schedule content to be posted organically, or increase conversion with paid amplification.

Whether your goal is to increase e-commerce purchases, drive more app installs, get more traffic, or improve engagement, we can help.

The Core: Automation + Intelligence

Naytev makes your content team's workflow more efficient by automating common actions and providing a unique, blended view of content performance across your portfolio.

The platform is flexible enough to accommodate any workflow: creative testing, organic publishing, paid distribution, or any combination of responsibilities.

Paid + Organic

Managing paid and organic together provides a clear view of the actual ROI of your content.


Quickly define complex workflows and notifications across your entire content portfolio.


Managing paid and organic in a single place provides a clear view of your content ROI.

What People Are Saying

By testing all of our content before posting it on Facebook, we're able to identify the messages that most resonate with our readers, which means our content performs well organically when we post it.

Alexis Grant
Executive Editor
The Penny Hoarder, Taylor Media

DramaFever is fundamentally about connecting passionate audiences with content they love. I use Naytev on a daily basis to make sure we are doing our best to engage with people across every demographic and fuel that passion.

Dan Acton
Social Media Director
Warner Bros' Drama Fever

Great platform. Highly recommend it.

Travis Bernard
Director of Audience Development

This is awesome! Much more intuitive than Facebook's Power Editor, and really easy for anyone to run great Dark Tests.

Adam Rosenberg
Group Manager PR & Digital

At our core, Funny Or Die is about developing great content, and Naytev helps us package our content in a way that resonates with the largest audience.

Patrick Starzan
SVP Marketing & General Manager of Social Media
Funny or Die

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Creative Testing

Our unparalleled testing engine is the core of Naytev. It's the fastest way to run and manage sophisticated social tests at scale.

Social Publishing

Manage complex social schedules across multiple social handles, time zones, and networks.

Paid Amplification

Reduce costs and improve performance. Naytev offers both boosted posts and ongoing paid campaigns.