Social A/B Testing

Improve conversion on Facebook and Instagram

Naytev's A/B testing is the secret weapon behind many of today's top media companies. Everyone is creating content--the difference between the winners and the losers is whether or not it resonates with your audience. Identifying the best creative makes the difference.

Facebook Testing

Optimize the packaging and distribution of your content on Facebook. Connect with the world's largest social audience with a fresh edge.

Instagram Testing

Identify compelling image and video creative for your content on Instagram. Target over 800 million active users, of which over 80% follow businesses.

Social A/B Testing Features

Target Any Audience

Easily reach any audience with Naytev, whether it's existing fans, a particular demographic, or new people who resemble those who've taken a specific action. We support all of your existing Facebook audiences out of the box.

Quickly Run Sophisticated Tests

Naytev's fine-grained presets allow you to automate the tedious work of running sophisticated tests. Dial in sets of preferences for your unique use cases, then tweak on the fly as needed.

Automatically Apply Winning Messages

Unlike other A/B testing solutions, Naytev can apply your best message for you. Automatically post your winning creative, while respecting your content schedule. You can also integrate your CMS with our API.

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