Branded Content Optimization

Better Engagement. Higher Margins.

Your clients will thank you. Testing your Branded Content yields higher engagement and increased reach for every post.Top teams use Naytev to optimize content for global brands spanning luxury goods, telecom, automotive, financial services, healthcare, shipping, spirits, food, travel, pets, airlines, CPG, and retail.That means better margins, happier clients, and a more competitive package for your sales team to sell.

Sell at a Premium Pricepoint

Super-charge your Branded Content sales team by offering A/B tested messaging that's tailored to your own audience. Your clients will love the higher engagement of messaging that allows their content to resonate in your voice.

Automatically Tag Sponsors and Share Data

Facebook requires creators and publishers to tag their business partners in branded content posts. You can read more about Facebook's requirements here.

Achieve New Levels of Scale

It's no secret that leading publishers rely on paid distribution to meet their branded content performance targets. To keep up, you can either spend more, or spend smarter. Naytev gives you an edge, delivering unprecedented savings and performance by optimizing your content for target audiences in the most cost-effective way possible.