Reduce costs with better performaning creative

Whether you're boosting top content on a case by case basis, or applying spend intelligently across your entire content portfolio, we've got you covered. Naytev makes it effortless understand your paid social ROI.

57% lower cost per click

Clique Brands uses Naytev's paid amplification to reduce costs when promoting content.

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Automate Workflow

Automatically apply budget, take action on campaigns, or notify your team when important performance thresholds are crossed.

Define Reusable Settings

Naytev's unique Optimization Profiles let you create recipes for frequently used groups of promotion settings.

Save time by quickly creating Boosts or A/B testing campaigns in seconds using your pre-sets.

You can even tweak settings on the fly if you need to override any of your common settings.

Create as many pre-sets as you like to cover all your common promotion scenarios.

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Creative Testing

Our unparalleled testing engine is the core of Naytev. It's the fastest way to run and manage sophisticated social tests at scale.

Social Publishing

Manage complex social schedules across multiple social handles, time zones, and networks.