Configure And Automatically Append UTM Paremeters

If you use UTM parameters on your links Naytev can automatically append your most commonly used terms to your organic and tested links. Using the drop down you can choose from predefined values or type in your own. When you’ve finished defining your terms, make sure to flip the switch to “active.”

You can set your UTM parameters at the organization level, team level or just copy and paste them into the URL field for a one-off manual link.

For tested and untested links you can choose from pre-defined terms in the dropdown or create your own by typing directly into the dropdown itself. For tested linnks you can use our auto-incrementing test id to track your metrics on the fly.

Our UTM Parameters function in a hierarchy so you can customize them however you see fit. Organization-level parameters are applied along with team level ones, so you can customize within teams as needed. More specific parameters take precedence, so a team parameter will override an organization one if they use the same field.

You can use a combination of organization settings and team settings to make sure that UTM parameters are standardized throughout your account.