Configure Your Social Amplification and Publishing Settings

Whether you’re testing or publishing - the Add Content Screen is completely customizable to your individual workflow. The Test and Publish Widget is customizable by team and gives you specialized control over your Add Content Screen, Facebook Ad Account, and Optimization Goals.

The Widget is divided into four separate tabs with unique responsibilities:

Content Defaults

In the Content Defaults tab you can customize how your Add Content Page will look. If you or your team uses branded content optimization, CTAs or need to flag content as political you can manage those default settings here. You can switch your Facebook Ad Account and identify the campaign your tests are running out of in the Facebook Ads Manager. All tests will be run out of a singular Naytev campaign and categorized for an optimization. For example if you’re running conversion tests all conversion tests will be running out of the Naytev Conversion Campaign. If you’re running tests for clicks and engagement - that will be reflected in a separate naytev campaign. In order to maintain the accuracy of data transferred between Naytev and Facebook please do not do pause or manipulate tests from the Facebook ads manager side. Always make additional tweaks to your tests through Naytev.

Optimization Profiles

The Optimization Profiles tab is a repository for test parameters and goals you can test against. We provide you some default goals for post engagement, but you can create and customize as many goals and actions per content type as you’d like.

Click create new optimization profile at the bottom of the page and and select what you want to optimize for: Video Views, Engagement, Website Clicks, and more. Customize your default call to action, test budget, test duration, and when your winning message will automatically go out.

Feel free to edit any existing optimization profiles by clicking the edit icon and manipulating the fields that you want to change. Then make sure to click save at the bottom of the expanded profile

If you want to delete a optimization profile simply click the red “x” icon and confirm that you want to delete it.

Test Defaults

You can set which optimization profile appears for each type of content here. If you want to make sure that you prioritize Link Clicks over Post Engagement for link content or Post Engagement over Video Views for Video Content, you can set that here. You can set the default social handle also.

Publishing Defaults

Here you can select the default social handle for your team, your default posting option and whether you want your content to be “On Hold” (which needs additional user approval before being scheduled) or Active (which allows your content to be slotted directly into the scheduler).