Organize Your Content With Naytev Tags

Are an internal tool that Naytev developed to help you manage your content better. Tags are only visible within Naytev and you can create and append tags wherever you see this icon.

You can search for content to post or repost through tagging, use tags to see what content has performed the best on the All Content Page, or filter your content to export for a specific campaign.

Tags are completely customizable so you can tag and organize your content by type, subject matter, format, or even get as granular is you want with individual people or brands.

Tags can be organized at the team level (where one set of tags will be managed across) a single organization, even if there are multiple teams. And at the team level where each team has their own set of unique tags.

You can go to the Content Tags in the Organization or Team Level to manage all tags - delete a tag by clicking the red X associated with content and create a new tag by clicking the plus icon at the top.