Post the Winning Message to Your Facebook Page

Post the Best Message

In order to get the most value from Naytev - you should post your best message through Naytev to your Facebook page. We’re able transfer the engagement earned during the testing phase to your Facebook page in an organic post. What your Facebook page fans will see is an organic post that’s been pre-seeded with engagement. You can always tell if your best message has been posted through Naytev by going to your “Test List” view and seeing if there’s a little check mark icon next to your test.

If you’d like to see an approximation of how much engagement is going to be transferred over. Simply go to your test’s individual view, click the arrow on the far right of the message you want to post and then “View Ad.” You’ll be taken to a live preview of how the ad is performing.

Automatically Post Your Best Message

To automatically post your best message to your Facebook page, simply select a “Posting Option”  for when you’d like your message be posted in the “Add Content Screen.” Choose from the posting options on the left hand side of the screen and match the posting option that fits the lifespan of your content.

Your content will go out according to the posting option that you’ve chosen and how it interacts with your scheduler rules.

If you’d like to change your posting option or prevent your winning message from posting to your page. You must go to the individual test list view and click “1 Upcoming Post Scheduled” you have to take all actions on this version of content in order for it to affect the content that’s set to go out on your page.

To edit your posting options please please click the upcoming post link and in the pop up that appears, click the yellow pencil icon and then click “Edit Posting Options.” Update your posting options to your preferred posting time and then click post.

If you’d like to remove the tested piece of content from the post queue entirely, click on the “Upcoming Post Scheduled” link, the yellow pencil icon and then Do Not Post. If you’ve successfully unqueued your piece of content - the Upcoming Post Scheduled Link should disappear.

Manually Post Your Best Message

If you’re unsure when to post a piece of content out - you can always set the initial posting option in the add content screen to “Do Not Post” and then once the test has spent all budet, reached confident results, or the test end time has naturally been reached go to the individual test list view and post the best message out manually.

You can post the best message out manually by going into the individual message, checking the image in the preview to make sure that it’s the one you want to post and then clicking schedule post underneath the preview. A pop-up will appear and ask you to select your preferred posting time. Once you’ve selected click post - and the message that you chose will go out at the best time according to your posting option and scheduler rules.

Manipulating the “Schedule Now” button in the individual test view is the only way to post your content out manually.