See Your Content In the Scheduler View

Seeing Your Content In the Scheduler View

You’ll be able to see all your content in the Scheduler View. If you use any of the post intelligently options or if you content has been placed on “Hold” to await further manual intervention you’ll be able to see it in the Content Queue on the left. You can see content that’s already been posted to Facebook and Content that Scheduled to go out in the time slots on the right.

If you ever get lost in the vertical scheduler view, you can always click the “Today” button at the top to jump to most current time. You can also click the “Eye” icon next to Today to collapse all empty time slots so you can see what content is actually scheduled. If you have multiple social handles attached to Naytev you can also toggle the icons at the top to filter for posts unique to that handle.

In this screen, you can change the creative and posting options of your content by clicking the pencil icon on content in the queue or scheduled content that hasn’t gone out yet. If you want to stop content from posting, click the pencil icon again and select “Do Not Post.”

You can also drag and drop content to the appropriate time slots.

When content is posted intelligently - the locks on the right hand side of the page will be unlocked so content can be shifted around following your scheduler rules and pieces of content that you set. Content that’s manually scheduled to post at a specific time or post immediately will appear with the locked icon toggled “on.” If you 100% want to make sure your content goes out at a specific time, select the “Post at a Specific Time” Posting Option or toggle the lock icon so that it’s locked.