How to Publish Content Through Naytev

Manual Link

To manually schedule content you have to click the green plus icon at the top right hand corner and selecting the type of content that you want to post: Link, Video, Image, or Pure Text.

For links, you can simply copy and paste the articles URL and customize the call to action, posting option, tags, Post Status etc on the left hand side of the page.

On the right hand side Naytev will show you a preview of the content. The Naytev preview is generated from the OG tags associated with the content. If you’re posting content that you own to your Facebook page, you have the freedom to change the Headline and Thumbnail of your linked article.

You can change the headline by clicking into the Headline Field and entering in the new headline.

To change the thumbnail of your article, hover over the image and choose to: scrape the page for any additional detected images, edit the image with our platform’s crop tool or upload a completely new image from your desktop computer.

After making sure that your scheduling and creative choices are correct, click continue and your content will automatically be scheduled with your changes according to your preferences.

Manual Video Content

Click on the green plus icon and select video. You’ll be given two options to select from: choose an existing video in your Facebook Page Library or Upload New Content.

In the case of video, we recommend uploading a new video to Naytev if it’s not already in your video library. Naytev places all uploaded content into your video library, but uploading them to Facebook first introduces a time element of Facebook sending the videos to us. For quick posting, make sure to upload your content to Naytev first.

You’ll have the usual customization options on the left hand side. On the right you’ll have the options to upload a video thumbnail from your computer, scrape the video for interesting images, or do minor cropping to your images.

After you’ve customized your posting preferences, how the content will display and the post text and thumbnail - click continue in order for your content to be scheduled.

Image Content

Selecting Image from the dropdown, you’ll be presented with uploading a entirely new image to Naytev from your computer or picking from already uploaded images in your Naytev Image Library. Customize your posting options on the left hand side and the post text to go with your image on the right.

Click Continue to have your content scheduled to go out at the best time.

Text Content

Text content follows the same schematic as link, video and image content. Select the “Text” category from the Add Content Page Dropdown and customize the posting options

Content Library

Posting Content through the content library takes content that’s already been imported from your RSS Feed or already posted to your Facebook Page and automatically puts it in the add content screen if you click the “plus” button on the upper right. It follows the same workflow as posting content manually through the add content screen, but cuts out the “copying, pasting, and upload” bit - we load in your content for you.