Reposting Content Through Naytev

Reposting Content Through Naytev

There are two ways to repost content through Naytev. Through the all content page and through the content library.

Via the All Content Page

You can easily recirculate or repost all your posted content through the All Content Page. Find the content that you want to recirculate or repost by sorting your posted content by engagement or filtering for specific pieces of content by using the filters on the left hand side of the page. Select the pieces your want to recirculate by checking them off, clicking the dropdown in the upper right and select “Recirculate.” In the following pop-up window - choose the social handle that you want to recirculate content to, your desired posting option and then click re-circulate.

If you want to re-circulate content to Twitter from the All Content page, click the green plus icon on the piece of content you want to repost and add completely new post text. We follow Twitter’s policy on Tweet Spam and they require us to make sure every tweet is markedly different than previous tweets in the feed. Make sure to change your post test in the add content screen when tweeting out content that’s already been circulated before.

Through the Content Library

If you want to repackage and repost content, you can pull content directly from your Content Library, customize it on the Add Content Screen and select your new posting time for it to go out.