Introducing The Definitive Guide to Facebook Dark Post Testing

How to win shares and influence people to click

September 21, 2015

Dark Testing is the secret art of using Unpublished Page Posts on Facebook to test your images and headlines before you post. We’ve compiled a simple guide to help explain what Dark Testing is, why you’d want to use it, and the best way to integrate it with your workflow. We’ll outline how to do it yourself manually and how to use a tool like Naytev to create tests ten times faster.

The first three articles are available now:

Facebook Dark Post Testing: The Definitive Guide

We’ll continue to update the guide over the coming months. We’ve also created a permanent page to consolidate all past and future information about Dark Testing, so that you can share, bookmark, or otherwise use this guide to your heart’s desire:

View the entire Dark Testing Guide here.

Happy testing!