4 Reasons You Should A/B Test With Dark Posts

Why dark posting should be part of your strategy

September 18, 2015

1. Grow Your Facebook Post Engagement and Fan Base

Perfect if you’re a brand or publisher and want to grow your Facebook presence. You may also want to use dark testing to mitigate declining organic reach.

Yes, Page reach is still declining for many, and Facebook suggests this trend will continue indefinitely. That means you need to protect your investment, and this is how to do it.

2. Drive More Readers for Your Website

Getting great post engagement on Facebook is valuable, but if you’re a publisher, you need people to visit your articles to build an excited, loyal reader base and generate ad revenue.

You’d be surprised how many people like and share Facebook posts without actually reading the article. If you’re a publisher, website clicks should be one of your go-to dark testing goals.

3. Drive Product and Event Sales

Who doesn’t want more revenue? Using dark tests to refine what message and hero image to use for your sales is a staple for marketers.

It works, and the ROI is clear. Facebook’s own signature success story highlights how one team achieved a 30x return on ad spend with unpublished posts for music festival ticket sales.

4. Keep Sharing Your Favorite Post Without Fatiguing Your Fans

Whether you’re a brand or a publisher, you probably have a handful of posts you really want to run as much as possible.

If you’re a publisher, maybe you have an evergreen article that performs spectacularly well. If you’re a brand, maybe you have a new product or event that need more visibility for. In either case, there are only so many times you can repost the same thing on your Facebook page before your fans get annoyed.

Dark testing lets you continually post and automatically refine your messaging without bothering fans.

Don’t Burn Out Fans With the Same Post Topic

If you’d like to learn how to run a Dark Test, we cover it in detail here . It normally takes up to 90 minutes to run a test manually, but you can run tests in under 5 minutes using Naytev.