Naytev Test List View

The test list is the table of contents for all of your tested content. Here you can see where tests are in their lifecycle and look at high level metrics to identify what you want to do with them. You can drill down into individual tests by clicking on the test title to see additional details. In the individual test list view you’ll see data for the test as a whole, detailed metrics of each message variation, and an a preview of the winning image at the top.

You can also search through all the tests you’ve ever run with filters on the left hand side navigation. You can search for keywords in the test title, by social handle if you have multiple social handles connected to naytev, where a test is in its lifecycle, by a tags or by content type.

If you’d like more detail about your test Naytev provides .csv files that include more detailed metrics for easy analysis- you can export all test data from the main test list view by clicking export. If you’d like to export an individual test’s data, click on the title of the test, and in the  individual test view and clicking export.