Optimizing "Yo" Messages for Engagement

Yo Optimization, it's that simple.

July 15, 2014

We started with a simple premise: there are fundamental rules to eliciting the highest possible engagement on any given social network. For the hot new app “Yo” (that all the kids are using), there are very few variables to work with.

Independent Variables

  • Frequency of share messages (“Yos”) sent
  • Number of consecutive share messages (“Yos”) sent

Regressent Variable

  • Positive response (a “Yo” is received)


 There is an optimal strategy for eliciting a positive (“Yo”) response from another user.


Due to resource constraints, we were only able to test the Number of Consecutive share messages. We did this by sending “Yos” at an interval of 1 minute to a statistically significant number of random “Yo” users. (Yosers?)


 The optimial number of “Yos” to send is 2.


If we have seen further, it is because we stood on the shoulders of growth hackers. We have discovered that it is indeed possible to “hack” the “Yo” experience. If you’re actually interested in optimizing organic interactions (which works best on legitimate social networks like Facebook and Twitter), try running some experiments of your own with Naytev.