Naytev is Featured in TechCrunch (and we’re part of Y-Combinator)

We're excited too.

August 13, 2014

Today we are excited to announce that Naytev is part of this summer’s Y-Combinator batch (S14). While we’ve been pretty secretive so far, the cat is officially out of the bag with today’s awesome TechCrunch Article. Read the article on TechCrunch.

So far, we’ve spent the summer living in Silicon Valley adhering as closely as possible to the YC mantra: Make Something People Want. As anyone who has founded a successful company can tell you, that’s no small challenge. Through several iterations of the company, our product has evolved to a place where we’re proud to say we’re helping some of the top publishers in the world increase their engagement.

Over the course of the past three months, we’ve listened to hours of customer feedback, consumed several dozen of pounds of coffee, sent an immeasurable number of emails, written thousands of lines of code.

And it’s just the beginning.