Introducing Naytev

Naytev is your share button on steroids.

July 13, 2014

Naytev is your share button on steroids.

This isn’t the future of sharing–it’s what the best sharing looks like right now.

We built Naytev because we noticed social sharing was an afterthought for most brands. Their brand strategies prioritized top-down social media accounts, like “our brand’s Facebook and Twitter”, while ignoring user-generated sharing, which is a significantly larger opportunity.

The current social media landscape plays a large role here. Take Edgerank (Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm) for example:

  • Organic top-down reach has declined from 40% to approximately 2-4% for the average brand
  • This is a result of platform maturity, not Facebook forcing people to pay for reach.
  • The algorithm prioritizes unique, user generated content, because that’s what those users’ friends want to see.

Our interal goals in building Naytev are fairly specific:

  • Help brands define how their content is displayed when users share it
  • Make testing and optimizing multiple versions of that messaging a trivial task for the end user (and shouldn’t require a developer)
  • Platform value should be obvious – (benchmark of 30 seconds of time investment for a 10x improvement in referral traffic)

Improving share content is an uphill battle, but it’s an important one for both users consuming content and brands creating it. Often, we’re starting from ground zero–most Top 500 sites publishers haven’t even defined their share content, let alone measured or tested to see whether it’s performing well.

We’re starting from the bottom, but we’ve built something we’re proud of that solves the challenges at hand. As we expand, we’ll spread the message of better content for all, and we’ll be blogging about the process along the way.

Thanks for stopping by. (If you click the share button at the top of the page, you can see our pet algorithm monster in action)