MediaPost Publishing Insiders Summit 2019

About the Conference

Customer-First Publishing: Media Is The New CPG

Content is a product and audiences are customers. Publishers finally are responding to the crisis in the media business by thinking and acting more like consumer product manufacturers. Content is still king, to be sure. But media brands are adopting the techniques of customer-first marketing - a new emphasis on audience analysis, on product development, on revenue-per-user, lifetime value and even customer service.

As the annual fall Publishing Insider Summit in Austin we interrogate how media are becoming the new CPGs and hope to build more sustainable business models from this shift in sensibility. From offering new apps and services, to cultivating innovative video and ad content, to exploring events and emerging audio channels, we drill into how publishers are analyzing their own audiences differently now, locating unmet needs, and building product and business models around the digital-savvy customer.

The customer, not just content, is now key to media’s future.

We will explore:

  • The new role of product development in media organizations  
  • How ecommerce drives both new revenue and audience insight
  • Servicing a subscriber base
  • Where is video "pivoting" now?
  • Branded content studio models that work
  • The new shape of ad yield
  • Connecting with audiences live

  • Vibe:
    Small, intimate
  • Ticket Cost:
  • Best For:
    Content Creators
  • Location:
    Pinehurst, NC
  • Start Date:
    Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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