Digiday Future of TV Summit

About the Conference

The disruption that was long promised in the TV business is finally here. Major media and telecommunication companies have combined forces to better compete with Netflix, Amazon and other tech giants. The pervasiveness of cord-cutting means pay-TV is no longer about growth, but reducing losses. Meanwhile, the tech platforms continue to come for those TV dollars, too.

What’s an advertiser to do in a shifting landscape that has no end in sight?

At the Digiday Future of TV Summit, we’ll explore how consumer trends and other market forces are dramatically changing the TV industry as well as where brands and agencies are spending ad dollars.

  • Vibe:
    Intimate, Strategic
  • Ticket Cost:
  • Best For:
    Media Execs
  • Location:
    Palm Springs, CA
  • Start Date:
    Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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