2018 Naytev Fuse Conference Presentation

We're proud to announce that we won the 2018 Fuse Media: The Convergence of Technology & Media Startup Award.

December 10, 2018

Every year, FUSE Media Summit asks attendees to vote on some of the best presenters and products they hear about while at this event. Naytev, with its data driven approach to social strategy and content first philosophy, won over the majority of the conferences attendees, which culminated to Naytev winning 2018's Best Startup.

Watch Patrick Costello, Naytev's CSO, give his award winning presentation on Naytev and strategies to help you stand out in the feed.

Naytev represents the next generation of social media management platforms and combines once siloed data under one roof. With Naytev you can centralize Paid and Organic Efforts, easily publish your content at the best time, and completely customize the platform to boost or recirculate content that would be valuable to your readers.

Check out our Case Study Library and see why brands like Vice, TechCrunch, and INC. love us.

Want a demo? Reach out to Patrick or Andrew through the chatbox or at info@naytev.com