The Best Digital Media & Content Marketing Reading and Podcasts

Here are resources my team and I regularly use. If you have recommendations, please share your recommended resources here.

Also, if you’re looking for a guide to the top conferences, check out our Insider’s Guide to Digital Media & Content Marketing Conferences.


Ben Thompson’s, “The Stratechery”

The free content is great, and the paid content is even better. The Stratechery includes in depth analysis of technology and media. If you're an executive working in these industries, this is a must read. Also, Ben's rudimentary diagrams are incredibly thought provoking such as his "Moat Map" below — showing two spectrums of user network effects spanning Facebook to Microsoft. This example ties in with his exploration of how companies derive power from different models of customer relationships. Sounds wonky, but you know you want to learn more.

Source: The Stratechery


Want excellent coverage of digital media and marketing trends? Look no further. Digiday pairs strong industry analysis with great interviews with industry leaders to keep you in the loop. Digiday also organizes some of the best conferences — fun and informative.

Nieman Lab

Focused 100% on the future of journalism, Nieman Lab (part of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard) provides excellent content focused on how publishers can best evolve to thrive in an internet-first era. It covers everything from changing business models to audience development.


Very complementary to Nieman Lab, Poynter is also hyper-focused on journalism. Part of the The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, they not only provide a stable supply of timely content, but also resources like media training guides.

Center for Media Engagement

The Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin has both a long name and a long record of leading incredibly useful studies that are relevant for most everyone working in digital media (content marketers included). To get a quick taste of what they're working on, check out their recent interview with The Future of Media podcast — click here for key takeaways and optionally listen too.





Parsely’s blog + “Currents” free analytics

“The Content Strategist” blog

Naytev’s “Insights” blog

Neil Patel

Jon Loomer


Ben Thompson’s, Exponent

Naytev’s, "Future of Media"

Social Pro’s Podcast

Duck Tape Marketing’s "Center of Attention" 

Social Groups

The Social Media Geek Out

Audience Engagement Pros

reddit r/socialmedia

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