Content is king.

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Naytev supercharges content in 3 steps:

  • 1. Identify Best Content

    Top 10% is everything

    Only 10% of content drives 90% of engagement. That's a huge opportunity if you can figure out which content is worth investing in before it's too late. Naytev looks at a variety of signals to accurately identify the outliers early enough to take action.

  • 2. Optimize for Social

    The right images and text

    Click or keep scrolling--that's the decision people make thousands of times per day as they explore content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media streams. By testing multiple versions of the images and text that appear on social media and automatically prioritizing the highest performing ones, Naytev increases clicks to your content.

  • 3. Amplify Reach

    Data-driven Traffic Decisions

    There is no formula for viralty--each piece of content resonates uniquely. Sometimes it's Facebook driving traffic, other times it's a hit on Reddit. Naytev identifies which traffic sources translate to real engagement so that you can make smarter decisions about promoting your content.

Did you know that 10% of content drives 90% of engagement? See your content breakdown.


Viral content before it trends

Not all content is created equal

We find content worth promoting, early enough to take action

Naytev's algorithms look at a range of engagement signals to understand which content is worth promoting. On social, time is precious--we act fast to maximize the effect of optimization and promotion.


Find the Best Message With Machine Learning

Real-time improvements.

complex data science made simple

Naytev's machine learning approach to optimization is faster than A/B testing. Because our experiments learn as they progress and start working immediately, we help you achieve the maximum reach for every piece of content.


Smart Organic and Paid Promotion

Simple, actionable data.

All your metrics in one place

Naytev puts your content in the spotlight. We track every pageview to give you the full picture of your content's reach and engagement. We'll show you where to focus your efforts, and how it's working, all in real time.

The average Naytev publisher sees a 30% boost in clicks per share. Get more traffic.

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